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Travel Security Advice - Removing those travel anxieties

When you leave your home for a trip away, looking at your security at home, when travelling and at your destination. So here is some travel security advice that will hopefully help.


When leaving your property for any long period of time, anxieties can easily set in regarding how secure and safe your home really is when you’re not there.

I now leave the house with travel security advice knowing everything has been checked properly.  Once you leave your property, it’s just you and your baggage.  So, you now need to keep your all your passports, tickets, cash & credit cards safe from the moment you close your door.

The correct planning and checking is so important to ensure you can go on holiday care free of any possible issues.  Here are a few things that can make your trip trouble free so you can travel secure, leaving anxieties behind and start enjoying your holiday straight away.


Travel Security Advice – Before leaving your home

Now this may seem an obvious one to most people as we all mentally check things off when we leave our home. “Is the central heating off, are all the windows & doors locked, is the car in the garage?” But what about writing a physical checklist and checking the items off as you go?

How many times have you got to the airport or train terminal before your brain throws in a question.  “Did I turn the iron off?” If you’re not 100% sure, it can nag away at you.

Having an actual list that you can refer to is very effective for dispelling any of those anxieties immediately.   Just write all the important things down that you need to do before leaving your home. Tick them off one by one and take the list with you. When you ask yourself a question, you will have the answer.  Simple but really effective. Try it!

If your mobile phone, laptop or tablet is lost\stolen, these can be replaced but you can’t replace the data on them. Ensure you have backed up all the data from the items you are taking away with you before leaving.  If you have an apple device use iCloud for backing up where possible.  For other devices you may want to consider using a free cloud backup service online such as Google Drive that gives you a free 15gb storage of data.

Although I believe every home should have the following anyway, these become especially prudent when your property is vacant for a long period of time.

Burglar Alarms – For ensuring that your home is protected from unwanted visitors, you just can’t beat a burglar alarm. A given you would say, but it’s surprising how many houses on my road don’t have them.  Setting your alarm before you leave really puts a stamp on your departure. You feel feel that your home is safe hands.

Most intruders would think twice before attempting a break in when it’s easier to just find another property near by without an alarm. You can even buy an outside dummy box if an alarm is too expensive as this is still an effective deterrent and a warning to intruders.

Security Lights – good for putting off intruders.  No one likes to be floodlit when they are about to commit an illegal act.  A bright tungsten bulb lamp at the front or back of house that is triggered by movement lights up the whole area.

Indoor Lights – Having lights on indoors is also a deterrent, giving the impression that someone may be at home.  If you are worried about leaving a light on all the time when away on holiday, you can also use a timer switch to turn the lights on and off automatically.  There are security timers that can do this at random intervals for extra security.


Travel Security Advice – While Travelling

Securing items
Suit cases can get tampered with or even lost so always put items of value in your hand luggage or a case that you keep with you.  If you’re using a rucksack for hand luggage, don’t put valuable items in easy access outside compartments as when you have it on your back, you can’t see anyone helping themselves to your stuff.

A zipped travel organiser can be helpful for storing passports, tickets etc. You use one item for everything when required but ensure that this is secured to the inside of your bag.

A suitcase with a lock isn’t fool proof but it does help. If you are going to use a lock on your suitcase, ensure it’s TSA approved and can be opened by the authorities if required.  Always use a combination lock (4 digits if possible) as keys can get lost.

The standard zips on suitcases can still be opened by someone who knows what they are doing so bear this in mind when locking your suitcase.  For total security, you can now buy tough-zip suitcases that can’t be tampered with.


Travel Security Advice – At your destination

Your accommodation
Where possible, always try to store valuables in a safe deposit box at your accommodation, preferably in you room.  If you have to store your suitcase, make sure that it is locked with a proper padlock with anti-theft zips.  Where possible, use a secure cable with the lock tied to an object in the room so the case cannot be removed.

Out and about
I’m not a big fan of wallets anyway but they should really be avoided when on holiday.  Most wallets contain everything such as credit cards, cash, driving license, etc. all in one place. Losing this with all your items in one go is a holiday nightmare waiting to happen.

Money Belts are much better for keeping cards and cash safe and can hide inconspicuously under your shirt.  Only take out the necessary items for that day or night event. Zipped pockets are also good for keeping items safe.

You can also buy waterproof capsules that carry these items so you don’t even have to leave these on the side when swimming.
Don’t take everything out with you at once, try to leave the rest in a safe place at your accommodation or even split between parties in your group.

Home Monitoring
IP cameras can also give you peace of mind if you want to remotely check-in on your home while away. There are a lot of models to choose from and most use an app.  This allows remote viewing of an area in your home.  Being able to see room(s) in your house just as you left them can alleviate any nagging thoughts.


Travel Security Advice – Conclusion

Leaving your house alone for a couple of weeks can often give you a feeling of vulnerability.  Planning will make you more at ease as soon as you close that door behind you.  Keep all your valuables with you on your journey and ensure they are safe when you get there.

A holiday can be ruined before it begins if an item is lost or stolen. Make them safe and above all, be vigilant!  Your holiday should be a relaxing time so keep it that way.  It’s worth taking security travel advice on board as you can never be too safe.

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  1. It truly surprises me how many people still go on vacation or go away from home for a period of time and still either forget things or forget to turn something off or their brain tricks them into thinking something crazy. I like the recommendation for a checklist of things to do before leaving so you won’t have that constant worry feeling while away. I think one key thing to add is to not post on social media that you will be away from home for awhile. If your account is public, then that is an open invitation to burglars.

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