Mini Bose Bluetooth Speaker – Amazing Portable Sound

mini bose bluetooth speaker

I have purchased a few Bluetooth speakers in the past.  Some have impressed, where others have been a bit of a let down in terms of power and quality. But it’s now time to go up a notch and try out this mini Bose Bluetooth speaker.

What’s in the box?

mini Bose Bluetooth speaker

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker, Micro USB Charging Cable,  Instructions, Warranty


This mini Bose Bluetooth speaker arrived in a box that was a little smaller than expected.  Taking it out the box, it is indeed small but feels like a quality product.  So this isn’t just a speaker that you connect to around the house. It really is truly portable for the size.



The device has a micro-USB charging port with 5 LEDs showing the charge status, plus a single LED for power

mini Bose Bluetooth speaker

To the right is the on/off button

To the left is the Bluetooth pairing button – Pressing and holding the button takes the device into pair mode.  Back to my iPhone, selecting “Bose Micro Soundlink” from the discoverable list of Bluetooth devices and I’m paired, ready to go.

Starting at a sensible volume, I played Tchaikovsky’s No.6 ‘Pathetique’  a piece of classical music that should expose any limitations in a speaker of this size.  The sound that came out simply blew me away.  From the Contra-bass instruments right up to the high pitched instruments, everything came through crystal clear.

Moving over to a bit of Jazz-Funk and the speaker still shows its quality.  As with all Bose products, they just seem to get it right when it comes to balancing the sound.  Everything that comes out is so well defined.

It’s nicely made, with a grip rubber feel and sure it would just bounce safely if dropped.  It’s also waterproof and although I haven’t tried it myself, Bose claims it can be used in the shower.

Although it is geared towards the ruggedness of outdoor use, it can really be used anywhere.  I use it on my travels and in the garden where I find the volume more than enough to satisfy.

When paired with your phone you can also take hands-free calls


  • IPX7 Waterproof Rating
  • 6 Hours Playtime
  • Built-in Speakerphone

Dimensions: 3.56 x 9.91 x 9.91 cm
Weight: 290 g


What can I say about the mini Bose Bluetooth speaker?  For the price and the big audio name that is Bose, it’s hard to find a fault with this speaker. It delivers in all areas from the thumping bass at the low end right through to treble clarity at the other.

A speaker of this size simply has no right to sound this good.  Sure, you may pay a little more than other speakers in this range but you get what you pay for with Bose and then some.




I hope you enjoyed this review. Please see this section for more product reviews.  If you have any questions about this item or want to leave your own personal review, please leave a comment below.


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  1. This is a very cool speaker for the on the move kinda person. Something I’d most definitely purchase. Looks really small and judging from the way you have described the beauty of its speakers , it was carefully made. For someone like, this speaker will definitely work it’s work and I’m really ecstatic to get my hands on this mini Bose Bluetooth speaker. Doesn’t it have a port for audio jack?

    • Hi,

      connectivity is through Bluetooth only.  Would be a nice feature but it is deliberately minimalistic.

      Thanks for your feedback

  2. Excellent review you have done up here. I just misplaced my Bluetooth speaker some days ago and I decided to get a better one. This mini Bose Bluetooth speaker has got some nice features especially the duration at which it lasts. 6hours is damn much for a Bluetooth speaker and coupled with the pricing too, its definitely going to be a great catch for me. Thanks for the overview of the speaker

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