Magnetic Phone Holder for Car

Magnetic Phone Holder

This magnetic phone holder for car is a really simple idea that just works.  I’ve seen them advertised plenty of times but was never sure how effective they would be.  Time to put one to the test..

What’s in the box?

Magnetic Phone Holder

Magnetic holder, 2 x Magnetic Discs, 2 x Transparent Film Discs, User Manual


Having used a few sucker and gripping type holders in the past, I found them clumsy and just a real pain to use. I needed a holder that would always be there when I wanted it without being an eyesore every time I got in the car.  Therefore, a holder that is small and actually does the job.  This one fits the bill nicely!



To use this magnetic phone holder for car, you just need to first find the ideal vent on your car to place it.  At the back of the device is a split rubber prong that fits snugly over a blade on one of your air vents.  It’s advisable to use a verticle vent if possible as this will have less effect on the airflow, unlike a circular vent. Once the holder is slotted, its then over to your phone.

Place one of the transparent discs on the back of your phone directly in the centre.  Then stick one of the metal disks to the transparent disk.  These disks take up no space at all an can easily sit behind the tightest of cases.  The phone will now grip firmly to the holder.  You do get 2 of these discs with the product so another family member can also use their phone in the car.


  • 4 x N50-grade neodymium magnets
  • Made from Soft rubber (Silicon type: 50D)
  • Small & unobtrusive

Dimensions: 7.9 x 9.9 x 3.8 cm
Weight: 59g


It’s refreshing to now have something in the car that actually works.  The magnets are strong enough to work even with a case in the way.  When the phone is not attached, it’s easy to forget the holder is there as it’s small form factor blends in with the back vents in most cars.  We used one recently on a tour of Scotland and found it held onto the phones safely even over all the bumps and hills.



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