My name is Adam and traveling to different countries all around the world has become quite a passion.  It all started with the standard short-haul holidays in the sun which are still enjoyed when we want to just relax. But to explore and see a place in detail takes a visit beyond this.  Which is why we now take essential travel gadgets with us to enhance the experience.

Over the last 30 years my partner and I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to many different destinations and have by no means finished yet as we have only just scratched the surface of what is a very large planet we live on.  With all the different cultures, climates, food, drink, architecture and landscapes on offer, it’s just never ending.


Why Travel Gadgets?

This is quite simple really. I love travel and I love gadgets.  So why not combine the two and write about them?  It also gives me an opportunity to share our travel experiences, highlighting some of the places and attractions to see.

On our travels, some of the activities have included walking around big cities, snorkeling on coral reefs, riding roller coasters and cruising around the Caribbean.  In each case I have found that essential travel gadgets have enhanced these lifetime experiences.

It could be a bespoke camera, entertainment for those long haul flights or security items for piece of mind. There are just so many travel gadgets on the market that most of them will just pass us by.


Easier, secure, comfortable & fun

So, whether it is the Snowy Rockies of Western Canada, the Rain Forests of North Western Australia or the game Reserves of South Africa, there is normally a checklist ritual I like to go through first before leaving the house.  Sure, number one and the most important is to check for Passport and Money, but over the years I now find myself checking I have other items packed I consider essential and now wouldn’t be without.

This is why I am reviewing essential travel gadgets any traveler would want to pack to make their holiday easier, more comfortable, secure, and most importantly. Fun!


The Breakdown

The number of travel gadgets available is enormous and most of them don’t really provide any extra value. So I am researching what I believe to be the most essential travel gadgets for the seasoned traveler.

Reviews include gadgets for vacations, camping, hiking, vehicles, commuting and other areas of travel. These are some of the latest gadgets available that will hopefully add a bit extra to your trip.

I hope you enjoy my site and the reviews. Hopefully they will also enhance your future journeys.

Adam Talbot


  1. Great information on travel gadgets! I love to travel, and I too like to have gadgets to take with me to make my trip easier and more enjoyable. If you are a frequent traveler, than having all the gadgets is a must! The first thing that comes to mine for me is charging options to take for my phone and laptop. These gadgets are a must!

  2. I like to travel and would like to learn more about travel gadgets. I’ve used Waze on my phone to help me to get from Point A to Point B. I’ve also bought a small cooler for the car that I can put up to a dozen can in it and it stays cold for hours. What other gadgets would you consider for road trips?

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