Credit Card Multitool

credit card multitool

This Credit Card Multitool contains 30 tools in 1 and is made from black titanium coated stainless steel. A great outdoors gadget that fits in your wallet.

What’s in the box?

Case & Credit Card Multitool


This credit card multitool from  True Utility comes in a sealable plastic case that in itself can be used for storing cash & cards when travelling.  It feels really well made and the print highlights clearly what area is used for what purpose. When testing it on a difficult to budge screw, it didn’t get damaged like you get on some cheap screwdrivers.  A good sign of a quality product!



Being a credit card shape and size, I didn’t expect too much leverage on difficult tasks.  This is the case when trying to undo a stiff nut for example. Although holding it in a cloth stopped it from biting into my hand.  Therefore it is the more straightforward jobs that it really works well.  And let’s face it, you don’t take a toolkit out and about with you anyway.


  • Screwdrivers  (1 x Phillips & 3 x Flat)
  • Can Opener & Cutter
  • Bottle Opener
  • Wrenches (20 sizes)
  • Hex Drive
  • Spoke Wrench
  • Protractor
  • Rulers (Metrix & Imperial)


Dimensions: 8.6 x 5.4 x 0.2 cm
Weight: 18.1 g


Although you wouldn’t expect this to replace a proper tool kit, it does have its place for travellers.  When you’re out camping or trekking, it could be a real lifesaver.  You’ll find that this device may just have the tool for that simple job when you really need one.   It is very well made and compact so will stash away easily in a wallet or card holder.  Perfect just for the bottle opener alone.



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  1. That is a pretty cool little tool! It is certainly easier to carry around than a Swiss knife which can be misconstrued to be a weapon.

    Made from titanium and steel, will it set off metal detectors? That would be a concern in certain conditions.

    However, with its 30 tools, it is a bonus if half of them work.

    I clicked through to the site, and then to the US site, no problem, but then had to search for it. The $9.99 price is reasonable for the product.

    All in all, this looks very useful.

    • It would certainly set off metal detectors, but I would only take on a plane in a suitcase anyway.

      Thanks for your feedback

  2. For a travel gadget that is this light in weight, I think is a YES for me. The screwdrivers and the can opener are things I use every other time. I always find myself screwing or unscrewing something, especially those foldable travel chairs.

    I think this works perfectly well for travellers. No need stressing with a toolkit. Maybe we can find one that also has a flashlight feature?

    Thanks for this review.

    • Yes, a flashlight would be handy, although it would affect the time overall build quality.

      Thanks for feedback

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