Best iPhone 7 Case

After trying many, many different cases for my iPhone,  I have at last found one that I believe is the best iPhone 7 case yet.

It doesn’t really add any bulk to the phone, fits perfectly and protects all around.


What’s in the box?










Phone shell, main case, 2 x tempered glass protectors & glass cleaning kit


It’s safe to say that I have tried many cases for many different phones over the years.  I have come across many that claim to be the last case you’ll need.  But there is always a downside.  Not enough protection, loose fit, looks cheap, etc.
But this best iPhone 7 case blows most away for its engineering quality.  It looks great and protects without putting on the bulk that most other cases are guilty of.  The additional glass protector that sits behind the front half of the case gives you peace of mind too.


The case comes in 2 parts.  The phone shell goes over the iPhone which then pushes into the main case.  This gives it a nice snug fit with no loose areas.  It’s advisable to remove any current screen protector you have before adding a provided glass screen protector.  This will ensure you get full capacitance when using the touch screen.


  • Made from TPU (Flexible & Strong)
  • Glass screen protectors
  • Comes in 6 colours

Dimensions: 17.2 x 9 x 1.6 cm
Weight: 40.8g


This best iPhone 7 case really fits nice and snug.  The material gives a nice rubber-like grip without any fingerprints and displays a nice mat finish.  The external areas of the phone such as the home button & camera lens, sit perfectly within their allocated holes. The corners look robust enough take a few knocks and the hardened glass protector sits behind the front panel to finish of a superbly made product.



I hope you enjoyed this review. Please see this section for more product reviews.  If you have any questions about this item or want to leave your own personal review, please leave a comment below.


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  1. After going through way too many cases with a family of 5. there are 2 things for sure,1, you need a case. 2, most cases are junk, finding  a good case is not easy, I need a waterproof -shock resistant case (I work in construction), the I phone 7 or any i phone is expensive and a good case is mandatory ,I’ve heard good things about ORETECH products and will check them out in the future, thanks for the review T.C

    • Hi, thanks for your comments.

      It really is a great case and will probably get more myself for the family.


  2. Your review of the best iPhone 7 case to select is to the point, helpful, and makes a lot of sense. I say this because I looked at the materials, the design, and the reviews (I did check them) and it has really positive feedback from users. It looks sturdy and solid and appears to protect some of the most vulnerable areas of the phone.

    The snug feel of the material used, along with the corners that are built to provide extra protection when the phone gets dropped, as well as the hardened glass protector convinces me that you are right. This is the best iPhone 7 phone case. I am buying one. Thanks! 

  3. Selecting iphone cases is always time consuming for me. I would go to different stores until I finally purchase what I want. You were right about considering some factors like, fit, protection and design. They say shock proof ones are the best but they are too bulky and heavy. I always opt for the jelly type. I have yet to try out your recommendation which is the OreTech iphone case. From what I saw on Amazon, it’s shock proof yet the over all appearance is so sleek. The best feature the anti scratch silicon. Thanks for sharing this!

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